J-1 Trainee Front Office/Internship Program Nation Wide Locations
Hourly pay rate
12 month program
Initial Fee paid to AHA £929
Balance to be paid £888
Total to AHA £1817
Other fees paid by applicant to agency
SEVIS Fee £178
Place Rec USA Fee £485
Grand Total

Paid in Full Save £243

Refunds are given under the following circumstances

(1) Participant is denied the J! visa at the embassy

Refunds are not given due to

(1) Once the DS2019 form is issued

(2) Withdraw from the programme once the visa has been issued

(3) Withdraw from the programme after arriving in the USA and/or begun their programme

(4) Involuntary termination due to performance or rule violations. Voluntary termination due to resignation of the programme

* Please note that costs do NOT include US Embassy Appointment Fee, medical insurance through AHA and travel to the USA which must be purchased by the applicant

“Through Place Rec USA I could not ask for a better location, working on a beach in Florida”

Liam, Devon