Intern positions in the USA hotel and resort industry are for full time students at university and further education colleges, or who have graduated with relevant work experience within the last 12 months. 

Trainee positions are for people who have graduated over a year, and have at least 1 year relevant experience. They need to be involved or been involved in the following courses Hospitality, Recreation, Events, Sports, Hotel,Tourism,and Food & Beverage or had 5 years working experience in one of these areas.

These opportunities are not open to those living in USA.

Students on General Business Courses are also possible as long as an official university or college letter is received stating that it would be suitable.

Summer work travel positions are open to all students and graduates with relevant experience. Positions in the USA business industry are for students and graduates who have a minimum of 12 months work experience.

Positions in the Mexico business industry are open to students and graduates who have conversational level of Spanish. The agency is linked with sponsors in USA and Mexico who provide the placements/internships and visa requirements.

Although these placements/internships are paid, there are some costs involved. You’ll find full details under Our Sponsors. On the subject of fees check with your university concerning the Turing Scheme, that helps with funding for overseas positions for students.